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How to Recover Quickly After Plastic Surgery

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November 16, 2011

Depending on the procedure you have, plastic surgery may seem only minor to you. Nonetheless, surgery is surgery, and whether you're planning a nose job to correct your breathing or breast augmentation or reduction, it is necessary to set aside time for recovery. Most surgical procedures may require you to go under anesthesia, and that alone can put some stress on your body. There are ways, however, to help along the healing process so you can return to your daily routine with a fresh new look to share with the world.

It is important to remember, as you prepare to have cosmetic surgery, to heed all instructions by your surgeon -- pre- and post-operative. If your doctor advises you to rest and do nothing for a set amount to time to help the healing process, fight the urge to return the work early or to try to get chores around the home completed. Recruit family and friends to take on chores in this time, or if nothing is urgent simply wait out the recovery process before getting back into the swing of things.

Other way to expedite healing after plastic surgery include:

1) Cut back on alcohol. Even a glass of red wine can inhibit your body's ability to heal. It is a possibility, too, that you will be prescribed medication for pain, and you do not want to mix pills with alcohol.

2) Watch intake of other supplements. When you go in for your initial consultation, you should have given your plastic surgeon your medical history, and included any prescription medications and supplements taken. Your doctor will determine what you can and can not take immediately following your operation.

3) Do not smoke. You shouldn't smoke anyway, but having a cigarette while you are recuperating contributes to blood contamination. It is important that you remain free of toxins as much as possible while you heal.

4) Stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water can help clear your system and give you more energy to devote to healing. Try to cut down on coffee and soda as the caffeine may hinder the process.

Above all else, relax as much as possible. Do your best to keep stressful situations at bay. Your primary job here is to let any swelling and bruising associated with your procedure disappear so the results of your procedure will heal correctly. Soon you can show your new face or body to the world and get back to living.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on Virginia plastic surgery and Virginia plastic surgeons.

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