It’s almost summertime! Here in Hampton Roads, we’re lucky to have beautiful beaches all around us. Are you ready to show off your bikini body? Peninsula Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery has a number of procedures that will have you looking as great as the ocean breeze makes you feel.

Breast augmentation isn’t the only option for filling out your bikini top better. If you’re satisfied with the size of your breasts but not the look, try a breast lift. A lift will give your breasts a fuller, rounder appearance without making them larger.

Our revolutionary SmartLipo technology is a minimally invasive choice for fat reduction. With only a tiny incision, the SmartLipo laser liquifies fat cells and seals blood vessels for less bleeding and bruising. It only requires a local anaesthetic, meaning less risks and quicker recovery time.

Worried that “cottage cheese” thighs will keep you in pants all summer? We’ve also harnessed the power of laser technology with our Cellulaze treatment. Cellulaze is an outpatient procedure that targets fat pockets and stimulates collagen for a smooth, tight look. You’ll be showing off those stems faster than you can say “short shorts”.

Call Dr. Kanter at Peninsula Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery in Hampton, VA for your free consultation and exam, and get ready to strut across the sand.