It’s not uncommon to undergo cosmetic surgery to modify upper body shape. At Peninsula Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, we have helped many people improve their looks and confidence through procedures like body sculpting, liposuction and breast reconstruction.

For those interested specifically in breast work, several options are available. You may think augmentations and breast lifts are basically the same, and while both result in fuller, beautiful breasts the procedures are different.

Breast Augmentation

Patients consider breast augmentation, or enlargement, for various reasons. You may be recovering from a mastectomy and wish to restore your bust line, or you may have smallish breasts and want to improve their size for a more voluptuous look. Some even consider augmentation after weight loss or pregnancy as a means of returning to a youthful body shape.

In this procedure, also known as a “boob job”, gel or saline implants are used to increase the size and improve the shape of the breasts. If you’re unsure of sizing, you can consult with your cosmetic surgeon to determine the best look for your body.

Breast Lift

Let’s say you are content with the current size of your breasts, but they droop due to age or illness. You refrain from wearing low-necked dresses or swimsuits because you don’t like how your breasts look. In these cases, enlargement may not be the answer if you just want to enhance your bust line. A breast lift, or mastopexy, can help you achieve a fuller, more youthful look.

During a lift operation, the breasts are raised and the nipples are repositioned. The breasts will have the appearance of being larger and fuller without any actual enlargement.

Which breast modification is right for you? Contact Dr. Kanter at our Hampton Roads cosmetic surgery practice to schedule a consultation. We can help you determine the best way to give you the shapely bust line you want.