We live in a very fortunate area but if you’re feeling like you were “less than blessed,” living among the beautiful people can be a daily blow to your self-esteem.

Dr. Kanter and the specialists at the Peninsula Reconstructive Surgery Center have been helping both men and women achieve their dream of a more confident self-image for more than 15 years through a delicately placed breast implant. Saline or silicone implants are available and come in a variety of sizes – each chosen specifically for the patient.

Since every woman is different, each consultation and approach is different depending on how a woman feels and what she hopes to gain from the procedure. Dr. Kanter is more than a skilled physician, he is each patient’s guide. Dr. Kanter works side by side with each patient through 100% of the process; from hopes and fears to insurance coverage and what to expect post-op.

A breast augmentation allows your natural beauty, and confidence to shine through. It’s your turn to step out into the sunshine. Contact us today for an appointment.