Bringing a new baby into the world is perhaps one of the greatest miracles in life. Over the nine months you carry your child, you no doubt experience how your body changes inside and out. Hormones shift, and you’ll gain weight, and the likelihood that your body will never be the same again is quite high. While proper diet and exercise can help restore some of your pre-pregnancy looks, childbirth leaves behind some changes that aren’t as simple to erase. You may wish to consider cosmetic surgery to restore your former shape.

When you think of what your body goes through supporting a new life and giving birth, you’ll know right away which parts are affected and need the most post-natal care. New mothers are warned of stretch marks that occur when the belly expands, and in the weeks afterward you may get this “deflated” feeling in your abdominal area. Depending on your age, your skin may not be as elastic as it was in your youth – different bodies recover from pregnancy in different ways, too, so while a friend could bounce back easily it doesn’t mean you will as well. If you feel frustrated that gym workouts, skin lotions and better eating haven’t helped to diminish marks and sags, you may want to consider the following procedures and give your body a boost:

Liposuction: Even among mothers who religiously do Pilates or abdominal crunches, there is that bit of sagging tummy, or hip pouches that just won’t go away. A simple liposuction procedure can help reduce fat pockets left behind after childbirth. This operation also rejuvenates the skins and reduces that “cottage cheese” look that comes with weight gain.

Breast lift: If you breastfeed, chances are you may experience droopiness or changes in your nipples afterward. A breast lift, or mastopexy, can help revive your bust line.

Tummy tuck: Tighten up the loose skin that didn’t bounce back, and if you’ve noticed changes to your navel area you can have surgery to correct it.

Nothing is more natural than bringing a new baby into the world…if only returning your body to it’s pre-pregnancy state came as naturally, too! With a bit of assistance from a board certified cosmetic surgeon, however, you can give nature a jump start.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on Virginia plastic surgery and Virginia plastic surgeons.