discountEvery year at right around this time, thoughts of bikinis and beaches start to drift in and out of our minds, causing excitement for some and anxiety for others. Make a change for the better this year, so that you too can sit back, relax and catch some rays.

With just three months until beach season, now may be the time to act. Diet and exercise are a great start, but may take longer to cut through that last bit of baby fat. Get some extra help this year, from Dr. Mark Kanter at Peninsula Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery in Hampton, Virginia. We won’t tell anyone.

With new advances in plastic and cosmetic surgery, Smart Lipo could be the answer to your summer prayers. Smart Lipo utilizes a laser to melt pounds from your waistline, and includes a shorter recovery time than traditional liposuction, leaving you free to frolic in the sand and work on your tan.

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