With Mother’s Day right around the corner, thoughts are no doubt turning toward choosing which buffet or brunch to attend, and which card will put the brightest smile on Mom’s face. Candy, flowers, and even jewelry are common gifts to give this time of year, but mothers interested in having their bodies sculpted back to a dazzling pre-pregnancy look may wish to consider treating themselves to quality procedures by the top cosmetic surgeon in Hampton Roads.

Let’s face it, pregnancy takes a toll on the body. You might experience any number of issues with sagging skin and breasts, and that one stomach roll or those stretch marks that haven’t gone away despite losing weight and improving your diet and skin tone. This year, why not consider a special “mommy makeover” to contour your body the way you want it to look? You have the option of undergoing one simple procedure, like liposuction or skin grafting to smooth your hips and abdomen, or a mastopexy (breast lift) to restore the fullness of your bustline.

Diet and exercise to return to your pre-baby weight are excellent ways to get back into shape, but the body changes you endure after childbirth, it can only do so much. Pregnancy is stressful on the body, and with Peninsula Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery we can help ensure you many more Mother’s Day looking and feeling beautiful.

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