Impress Your Ex with Dr. Kanter

That Ex

It’s that time of year already and soon there will be a friend, relative or in-law waiting with a camera around every corner. The holidays can produce a lot of stress and anxiety, as well as the pressure to always be photo-friendly. Get a little extra insurance; make sure you are always camera ready with a cosmetic surgery procedure at Kanter Plastic Surgery in Hampton, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Richmond and Newport News.

We offer a variety of services and some may even be covered by your insurance. If you’d like to tighten your tummy, get a facelift or even breast modification to really stick it to That Ex (you know the one) Kanter Plastic Surgery is your Secret Weapon. Dr. Mark Kanter is highly qualified and has performed thousands of cosmetic surgery procedures.

We’ll make sure you look your best wherever your holiday travels take you. Whether you’re welcoming guests, returning to your childhood hometown or seeing old friends for the first time in years, Kanter wants you to look and feel great.

Contact us today and look your best this holiday season. Cheers!