Surgical facial treatments are often associated with film stars and celebrities. Every year they walk down the red carpets and we swear they look younger. In truth, you don’t have to be a star to undergo a cosmetic procedure. Whether you need assistance turning back the clock to restore a youthful look, or wish to correct scarring or other disfigurements brought on by injury, Peninsula Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery in Hampton, VA is ready to consult with you. Contact us today to learn more about the following options we offer:

Blepharoplasty: This procedure enhances the appearance of your eyes and eyelids, correcting imperfections brought on by aging or hereditary factors.

A blepharoplasty may remove fatty deposits and baggy skin from the eye area to give you a less tired and puffy look, or remove excess skin that hangs down and impairs your vision. This treatment may be performed on the upper and/or lower lids and, depending on the nature of your procedure, may be covered by insurance.

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