One incision option available to patients of the Peninsula Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery is the inframammary incision.

In this incision, your physician selects the optimum location to place the incision — under the breast and close to the inframammary fold.

A small incision is made and your surgeon will create a pocket to insert the breast implant. The implant is slid upward through the incision and centered behind the nipple. The advantage of this incision is that there are three placement options:

Subglandular: In this placement option, the implant rests behind the breast but in front of the muscles and fibrous tissues that protect the front of the ribs and chest wall.

Partial Submuscular: In partial submuscular breast augmentation implant placement, the implant is carefully placed behind the breast tissue and partially under the pectoral and other chest muscles. In order to achieve proper placement, where the implant will sit deeply beneath the muscle, the pectoralis major muscle must be cut. The upper part of the implant will be beneath the muscle but the lower part will be behind the breast (subglandular).

Full Submuscular: In full submuscular implant placement, the implant is placed behind the breast and the major muscle groups in the chest area.

If you live in Hampton Roads and are considering breast augmentation, you should consider having your breast augmentation done at the Peninsula Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery by Dr. Mark Kanter.

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