Sidelaze is a laser treatment for the neck and jowls. It is utilized to target neck fat, tighten skin in the treatment area, and create more definition in the jaw.

Sidelaze is certainly not a replacement procedure for facelifts or necklifts, however for many this high tech procedure allows Dr. Kanter to achieve results that are remarkable. Consider, through 3 small stab incisions, the laser energy can reduce fat underneath the neckline better defining the jowls, the mandible and get rid of that waddle.

How is Sidelaze done?

This is done with direct energy being affected to the undersurface of the skin by the special laser fiber.  

What happens then?

The fat absorbs the energy and is pulverized releasing heat. This heat then allows for thickening of skin through production of Collagen. Collagen is the building block of many soft tissues. As our skin ages, the skin thins and the collagen content decreases. This is a process that stimulates more collagen to be formed and thickens the skin. Additionally, the elastin, which are like the rubber fibers in our skin, over time, like rubber bands, lose their elasticity. This process of heating allows for healing with more elastin formation. Both of these effects reverse observable changes in our skin. 

How long is the procedure?

This laser treatment is completed in about 50 to 75 minutes under tumescent anesthesia and pill sedation, or most commonly in our office we offer intravenous (IV) sedation at no additional charge, if the patient believes this would be more comfortable for them. 

What are the Risks?

However as infrequent as these may be, one should consider Seroma or Hematoma. These are two terms we use to explain changes under the skin where the fat used to be where there is now space. This space can fill up with fluid much like if you twisted your ankle or develop a blood blister if you ever hurt your thumb. In either event, we use garments after surgery to put gentle pressure in these areas to minimize the chances. Should they occur, the ultimate result is not changed, only delayed.

Another potential risk is infection, extremely rare, patients take antibiotics either by pill if they are not using IV sedation. If IV sedation is used we give antibiotics through tubing before surgery begins. 

Less frequent, but certainly warrants mention, some patients’ skin changes a little in color or their pigment gets a little darker. As time goes by these pigment changes resolve without specific intervention, and usually resolves in 6 to 8 weeks, should it occur.  

Why choose Sidelaze?

Fortunately, Sidelaze is a single treatment with a permanent effect, there is rapid recovery time and it is all done through small incisions. What is there not to love?  Schedule your free consultation today to see if this unique treatment is right for you.