You want your breast enlargement surgery to happen right the first time, with incredible results. At Peninsula Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery of Hampton Roads Virginia, we specialize in discreet, quality breast enhancement procedures. Whether you wish to restore balance to your body following a mastectomy or wish to improve your upper body with a fabulous bust-line, Dr. Kanter is here to guide you through the process.

Why use silicone implants for your breast enlargement?

Surgery to change and improve the size and shape of your breasts is not a decision to make lightly. When you are committed, however, you’ll know you want to use only the safest and best-quality material. Silicone has been used for decades in thousands of medical devices, from pacemakers to artificial limbs. It is viewed as the most reliable and durable material for such procedures, as well as for breast implants. Peninsula Cosmetic is proud to use MemoryGel implants for our patients because not only do they look and feel natural, but they are also durable and FDA approved.

MemoryGel breast implants have been used all over the country for over 20 years as the plastic surgeon’s top choice for breast augmentation. Each gel-filled implant is tested thoroughly for structural integrity and comes with a warranty. Gel implants are safe, feel no different from a normal breast, and look great.

When you’re ready to be who you really are, it’s natural to want only the best to help you get there. Contact Dr. Kanter today at 757-827-8486 to schedule a free consultation and see the durability and integrity of a silicone gel breast implant for yourself.