If you are considering breast augmentation, or any kind of cosmetic plastic surgery, there are some important details you’ll want to work out before you have this specialized cosmetic plastic surgery in Hampton Roads. You’ll need to determine which size implants best fit you and your lifestyle. You’ll want to ask your board-certified plastic surgeon if silicone implants are the best choice for you. You’ll want to know if your surgery will be done locally. You’ll have to decide if you need to arrange for after care in your home. You will also want to speak with your surgeon about what kind of incision he plans to make.

At the Peninsula Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Center, Dr. Mark Kanter and his staff believe that it’s vital for patients to work with a physician who has years of experience with breast augmentation, breast reconstruction and cosmetic plastic surgery, so that your after care and scars are minimal. That’s why Dr. Mark Kanter is a great choice!

Our surgeons prefer to use the following incisions during breast augmentation procedures:

Each incision has unique benefits and reasons for use. If you live in Hampton Roads and are considering breast augmentation, contact us for a free exam and assessment. Have your breast augmentation plastic surgery procedure done right, by Dr. Mark Kanter at the Peninsula Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Center.

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