“You’re only as young as you feel.” It’s great to have a positive attitude as you meet daily challenges, but there may come a time when you wish to look as young as you feel. Sun exposure, hormonal changes, cigarette smoking and weight changes can take a toll on your skin, and leave you appearing tired and older than your true age. A facelift can help turn back the clock, as many as 5 to 7 years, and reduce some of the damage your skin has endured. Dr. Kanter can help restore youthful vitality through this cosmetic procedure.Profile of Woman, Cosmetic Procedures

Commonly performed on men and women between ages 50 and 70, a face lift smooths the loose skin on your face and neck, tightens underlying tissue, and removes excess fat. The result is a fresher, younger looking face with firmer skin. A face lift is recommended for those interested in tightening the neck and loose jaw lines, erasing deep lines from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth, and/or straightening wrinkles and sagging skin in the cheeks.

The face and neck lift treats the lower face, cheeks, the mandibular border and the neck “waddle” along with excess skin. If skin blemishes and scars are in the area that is resected, then they will be entirely removed, otherwise they are moved to a different position.

Because the facelift technique is often done at a deeper plane, we commonly use general anesthesia. Facelift procedures will leave some scarring but they can usually be well hidden. Once healed, most scars become less evident at conversation distance.

Please note all wrinkles on the face and neck will be treated with facelifts, but may be corrected with alternative treatments. A facelift will not improve any areas around the eyes or forehead. We may recommend additional surgical procedures, for example a blepharoplasty ( eyelid surgery) or office treatments such as BOTOX treatments, to address these other areas.

The facelift remains the gold standard when it comes to the main component changes of facial aging. While there are many facelift techniques, we prefer ones that can reverse the changes associated with aging that last for years.

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