There’s an old saying that goes: “You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose.” While we realize that adage refers to something completely different, we pride ourselves on assisting people choose how they want their nose to look.

Perhaps you are unhappy with the way your nose is set – is it too large for your face, too bulbous, or maybe you have an unsightly bump on the bridge? Have you suffered an accident that disfigured your nose, and you wish to correct the damage? Dr. Kanter and Peninsula Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery specialize in Virginia Beach rhinoplasty, commonly known as the nose job, and for over fifteen years we have helped people all over the beach improve the way their noses look, and work.

When you visit Dr. Kanter for your free initial consultation, you can be assured of discretion and a professional opinion regarding your nose procedure. We will help you determine the best way to reconstruct your nose and schedule a time that’s convenient for you to have the work done. If your nose job comes as a result of needing to improve the quality of your breathing, you may qualify for insurance coverage. Our friendly and professional staff can assist you with any financial concerns.

Contact us today to learn more about how Dr. Kanter and Peninsula Cosmetic can reshape, resize, or reconstruct your nose to improve your breathing and your natural, attractive appearance.