Beautiful woman cares for the neckAs we prepare Christmas shopping lists, we aspire to top the gifts of previous years and impress our friends and loved ones with our creativity. While the season encourages a spirit of giving, it’s important that we also set aside some time to give to ourselves. This could mean indulging in self-care or spending some money for a present to unwrap on Christmas morning. Perhaps, though, you have no need for tangible things but have other ideas to brighten your holiday. Good health, more energy, and a youthful look are on many a wish list, and our Hampton Roads cosmetic surgery practice can help with one of those items.

If you want to treat yourself this Christmas, give yourself the promise of a new, amazing you.

Whatever it is – your face, neck, or body – you feel could use improvement, Dr. Kanter is prepared to help bring your vision to reality. We would all love the gift of time in a bottle, or the ability to freeze a moment so we don’t turn another day older. Maybe you see more wrinkles around your eyes and mouth and want to reclaim smoother skin, or remove the “waddle” forming under your neck. Maybe you see more cellulite on your thighs and wish to get rid of that orange-peel look so you can plan for next summer’s swimsuit. With the right cosmetic surgery procedure, your wishes can come true.

This holiday season, consider giving yourself a gift. Whether you’ve wanted to fix the bump on your nose or the puffiness under your eyes, or to give your breasts a “boost” to restore them to their youthful buoyancy, make your present to yourself a consultation with Dr. Kanter. Learn the options available to you and start the new year with a bold, confident look.

Contact us today for more information on Dr. Kanter’s body sculpting and liposuction procedures, and to schedule your consultation appointment.