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Is An Eye Procedure Right For You?

It’s said the eyes are the window to the soul. Throughout our lives we see so much, and as we age our eyes may not work as well. The outward appearance of our eyes can also change. Shadows and puffy skin highlight age and exhaustion, and eyelids may appear hooded as faces sag. Over time,… Read more »

Compression Garments After Surgery

You may be familiar with compression garments in the recreational sense. Professional athletes wear them as part of their training, but it’s not uncommon for others to use them after a strenuous workout or following an injury. Compression garments also play a role in cosmetic surgery, and if you’re considering a body-altering procedure you will… Read more »

Choosing Between a Breast Augmentation and a Breast Lift

Cosmetic surgery designed to modify the shape of the upper body can not only help improve appearance but boost confidence. Liposuction, body sculpting, and breast reconstruction are common procedures for women of all ages, and may be done to help restore a youthful and vivacious look following childbirth or weight loss, or to enhance overall… Read more »

Redefine Your Jaw and Neckline with Sidelaze

As we age, changes can become more evident in our faces and necks. Skin on the jawline and chin may sag, and weight fluctuation may show in the neck. Jowls become more prominent and make you appear older than your actual years. It can discourage you from wearing certain clothes that draw attention to these… Read more »

Stay Hydrated Before and After Your Procedure

Are you drinking enough water? You may be tired of hearing this question after years of gentle nagging from parents, loved ones and health experts. Nonetheless, meeting your daily recommended water intake is the key to many aspects of your well-being. If you’re considering or planning a cosmetic procedure in the near future, especially during… Read more »

Cellulaze or SmartLipo?

Patients who come to our cosmetic surgery practice in Hampton Roads know exactly what they want. Whether they seek a fresher, youthful face or a beautifully sculpted shape, they trust Dr. Kanter to help them achieve their body-image goals. If you have considered a cosmetic procedure, you may have researched the possibilities and have questions…. Read more »

Stop the Sag with SmartLipo

We all have the option to grow old gracefully. Looking in the mirror, however, can challenge a positive outlook. We may spot flaws in our skin, and sometimes we see our skin in places where it wasn’t before. Regardless of age and body shape, sagging happens, but there is a way to remedy it. Why… Read more »

Is it Time for a Tummy Tuck?

If you have contemplated a cosmetic procedure, you may have talked with friends and family who have done just that. It’s natural to have questions – what is the surgery like, how long does it take to recover – and for many the first one to ask is when.  Is it better to have plastic… Read more »

The Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery Over 50

Reports of a rise in cosmetic surgery among people over 50 have made recent headlines. The lifestyle site Considerable has even listed the more popular procedures for this age group, many of which are available from Dr. Kanter and Peninsula Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery. While adults of any age may seek consultation regarding anything from… Read more »

The Benefits of Sleeping on Your Back

Are you a back-sleeper? If so, you probably know the benefits to sleeping on your back as opposed to laying on your side. You may also be curious to know why a website for a Hampton Roads cosmetic surgery practice would feature a blog about sleep habits. There is a connection between what we do… Read more »