You may be familiar with compression garments in the recreational sense. Professional athletes wear them as part of their training, but it’s not uncommon for others to use them after a strenuous workout or following an injury. Compression garments also play a role in cosmetic surgery, and if you’re considering a body-altering procedure you will likely include one in your post-operative recovery.

Wearing a compression garment following a procedure such as a tummy tuck or other body-sculpting surgery offers a number of benefits to your new look:

Reduced Recovery Time: How long your body needs to recover after your procedure will vary. Compression can help shorten that time in that the stretchy garment protects the affected area and allows it to heal.

Reduced Pain and Discomfort: Compression garments help increase blood circulation to certain parts of the body. The better your blood flow, the lower the risk for inflammation, swelling, and pain. This in turn expedites your healing time.

Proper Support: The garment compressed upon where you’ve had surgery can help maintain the new shape you want to achieve. As your body heals, the shaping garment stabilizes the affected area so you will look great when you are completely healed.

Depending on your surgery and your physician’s recommendation, you may wear the garment anywhere from a few weeks to over a month. When your cosmetic surgeon clears you, you will be able to see for yourself the difference it made in your recovery process.

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