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Cosmetic Surgery is for Men, Too!

There’s a common misconception that only women are interested in plastic surgery, but that’s far from true. More and more, men are opting for cosmetic procedures, the reason being that they want to correct areas that can’t be fixed through regular diet and exercise. Here are some types of cosmetic surgeries that men have considered… Read more »

A Gift For Yourself

As we prepare Christmas shopping lists, we aspire to top the gifts of previous years and impress our friends and loved ones with our creativity. While the season encourages a spirit of giving, it’s important that we also set aside some time to give to ourselves. This could mean indulging in self-care or spending some money… Read more »

The Gift That Keeps Giving

Happy Holidays, Hampton Roads! Kanter Plastic Surgery in Virginia wants you to have the best season ever. Try one of our many life-changing procedures this year; to update your look AND give a life-changing gift to a loved one. Plastic Surgery is the gift that keeps on giving – you’ll look and feel great, and… Read more »

Summer of Selfies

Summer is practically here, which means one thing: selfie season! Selfies have become a fun and vital part of any vacation, date or beach trip, but what happens when you notice the first sign of wrinkles in your snaps? Thanks to our numerous innovative treatments, it’s never been so simple to capture the perfect selfie on… Read more »

Are You A Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Dark, bloodless grooves run across your shoulders from front to back, your neck aches and little shooting pains keep stabbing through your back. No, you’re not dying, but you may be a candidate for breast reduction surgery. It’s a confusing situation in which to find yourself. All of your friends likely express jealousy and admiration,… Read more »

Questions To Ask Before Your Procedure

Congratulations – you’re getting cosmetic surgery with Dr. Mark Kanter. Pre-surgery can be a very exciting time, but it’s important to keep your focus and be informed about all of the steps of your procedure. At Kanter Plastic Surgery, we want all of our patients to go into surgery confident and well-informed, with all of… Read more »

How to Prepare for your Procedure

Congratulations – you’re getting cosmetic surgery with Dr. Mark Kanter! You’re in good hands with Kanter Plastic Surgery. We take every aspect of your procedure seriously, and that includes before and after. Here we’ve compiled a guide of things that you can do to prepare for your surgery, emotionally and physically. BEFORE: Ask Dr. Mark… Read more »

Smart Lipo is a Smart Choice

Start off the new year with a new you! Don’t dread the holidays this year; celebrate them with the body you deserve. Enjoy spending time with loved ones and gathering around a family meal, harmonious and peaceful. Treat yourself to an extra slice of pecan pie, play tag with the kids and feel great about… Read more »

Thinking of Getting Silicone Breast Implants? Some Important Points to Consider

If you’re considering breast augmentation as a way to change how you look and feel, silicone implants are a great choice. Choosing a practice that specializes in silicone implants will ensure that your procedure will be performed with care and expertise. But there are important facts to be aware of before committing to the procedure…. Read more »

Can Plastic Surgery Boost Confidence?

In a recent article in the UK’s Sun newspaper, several women were interview about their cosmetic surgery procedures. These women had noted specifically that they made the decision after seeing pictures of themselves posted on Facebook by friends. Because they were tagged in these photos, they were able to access them quickly, and all were… Read more »