Patients who come to our cosmetic surgery practice in Hampton Roads know exactly what they want. Whether they seek a fresher, youthful face or a beautifully sculpted shape, they trust Dr. Kanter to help them achieve their body-image goals. If you have considered a cosmetic procedure, you may have researched the possibilities and have questions. With all the different treatments available, which one is right for you?

Peninsula Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery provides specific treatments designed to improve one’s overall look. You may have seen laser procedures like Cellulaze and SmartLipo and wondered if either would work for you, and if there’s a difference between them. Dr. Kanter offers both, and we are happy to answer your questions.

Cellulaze and SmartLipo both target unwanted fat in your body and help promote either smoother skin or contour changes in these problem areas. Where Cellulaze uses laser technology to level the fat deposits and stimulate your skin’s collagen to restore elasticity and smooth the skin, the SmartLipo laser is designed to liquefy and destroy fat cells in target areas like the neck, abdomen and flanks to reduce contour. Both Cellulaze and Smartlipo are outpatient procedures that will require local tumescent anesthesia.

Treatment results are different for each procedure. Cellulaze can result in smoother, healthier-looking skin with changes of the “cottage cheese” bumps that come with age or weight loss. Smartlipo changes contour and tightens skin.

As for which is the best treatment for your needs, a consultation with Dr. Kanter will help you make the right decision. Contact us at 757-827-8486 to inquire about availability and to ask questions about these and other plastic surgery procedures offered at our Hampton Roads practice.