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Cellulite Treatment: Can Diets Help?

We all know that unattractive, cottage cheese look of skin that is called cellulite. Ninety percent of women have cellulite on different parts of their bodies. Cellulite affects men as well, causing the skin to look unattractive and hurting their self-confidence. Cellulite is caused by uneven deposits of fat under your skin, which give it… Read more »

Plastic Surgery Recovery

When you plan a cosmetic surgery, the doctor usually gives you an approximate recovery time. It may take from several days to several weeks for the body to recover completely. Plan your recovery ahead to get the best results faster. Before the surgery. If you work and cannot take a vacation for your recovery, try… Read more »

How To Get Rid of Cellulite

There are so many myths on how to get rid of cellulite, and there is a reason for that. People are constantly searching for information about cellulite and all the latest cellulite treatments. Over 90 percent of women have cellulite on different parts of the body, especially their thighs. Men also have this problem, bull… Read more »

The Good Aspects of Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery often receives a bad rap, especially when tabloids and gossip blogs point out how its prevalent use (or abuse) among celebrities. There are entire websites devoted to showcasing examples of plastic surgery gone wrong, usually involving film and television actors who have gone under the knife in an attempt to remain employable, or… Read more »

Plastic Surgery After Pregnancy

Bringing a new baby into the world is perhaps one of the greatest miracles in life. Over the nine months you carry your child, you no doubt experience how your body changes inside and out. Hormones shift, and you’ll gain weight, and the likelihood that your body will never be the same again is quite… Read more »

The Scoop on Plastic Surgery for the Back

Recent media hype about reality TV star Heidi Montag’s multiple cosmetic surgeries has garnered awareness of a procedure called “back scooping.” This particular operation, while gaining attention in news wires, is actually not a new innovation. For years, plastic surgeons have assisted clients looking to sculpt their bodies following weight loss or pregnancy with changing… Read more »

Plastic Surgery Gaining Acceptance In The African-American Community

by Aleesa Mann Special to the NNPA from the Howard University News Service WASHINGTON (NNPA) – A woman pokes and pinches her face in front of a mirror, wondering if a smaller nose and thinner lips will boost her confidence. A patient stands in a gown as her doctor draws surgical lines on her body,… Read more »

Trust Your Plastic Surgery to a Professional Cosmetic Surgeon

While cosmetic surgery can offer you a new lease on life, a fresher face to show the world, it’s not a decision one should make lightly. Depending on the procedure you choose, whether it’s breast implants or a simple Botox injection to eliminate wrinkles, you will need to consider payments, time off from work to… Read more »

Plastic Surgery More Accepted Than Ever

According to a survey released by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery on Jan 28, an overwhelming majority of US citizens think cosmetic surgery is more accepted today than it was five years ago, with almost as many stating that this shift in perception has made them more comfortable about “getting work done” themselves. More… Read more »

Peninsula Cosmetic Surgery Now Offers SMARTLIPO Technology

SmartLipo is by far the best kind of liposuction available today. It is a method that offers the best results with less trauma and less downtime. It has a fast recovery time and the cost is very competitive. SmartLipo uses laser technology to melt and liquefy the fat within the fat cells. In addition, it… Read more »