Congratulations – you’re getting cosmetic surgery with Dr. Mark Kanter!

You’re in good hands with Kanter Plastic Surgery. We take every aspect of your procedure seriously, and that includes before and after. Here we’ve compiled a guide of things that you can do to prepare for your surgery, emotionally and physically.


Ask Dr. Mark Kanter about any medications or supplements you take, including Aspirin. You may be advised to stop taking anything that will conflict with your surgery or recovery.

Your diet is an important aspect of your surgery and recovery. Before your procedure, munch on foods rich in Vitamin A (carrots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, bell peppers) and Vitamin C (citrus fruits, broccoli, tomatoes, berries). Zinc (beef, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds), copper (spinach, kale, asparagus, summer squash) and selenium (Brazil nuts, shitake mushrooms, seeds, spinach, broccoli) are all also important. Don’t neglect the protein either – lean meat, fish, poultry and beans.

Refrain from consuming alcohol or smoking for a minimum of two weeks before surgery. Alcohol weakens the immune system and smoking limits the supply of oxygen to the body’s cells. Please discuss these issues with Dr. Mark Kanter before your procedure.

Make arrangements for your surgery. Put in notice at work and let those close to you know that you will need recovery time. Plan out how you will get to the procedure and who will bring you home. It is best to have a close friend or family member stay with you for a day or two after your surgery.

Discuss any and all concerns, doubts or fears about your surgery with your friends, family and the professionals at Kanter Plastic Surgery. You deserve to have your questions answered and your concerns relieved. You’ll go into your procedure confidently, knowing exactly what to expect.


Continue to refrain from any medications, supplements or activities (such as smoking) discussed before the surgery.

Follow any instructions given to you followng your procedure. Get plenty of rest and treat the affected area(s) with extreme care.

Drink plenty of water and continue to opt for healthier foods to speed up the healing process and help your body adjust.

Be sure to talk to someone about your post-operational feelings. Cosmetic surgery is as emotional as it is physical, and it may take some time to adjust internally to the external changes of your body. It can be helpful to have a trusted confidant to listen.

Contact Kanter Plastic Surgery today and fall in love with the new you. Be who you are with Kanter Plastic Surgery. Look as great as you feel, change your life and be who you were meant to be, with Peninsula Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery.