How would you define the perfect neck? Maybe you think of a celebrity who strikes an elegant profile – like Audrey Hepburn gazing longingly at a Tiffany’s display, or the Duchess of Cambridge in her iconic wedding gown. Long and slender come to mind when we define a beautiful neck – wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all could describe ours as such?

The shape of your neck, be it thin or full, may come from your genetic makeup. Sometimes the shape of your neck will change as you age or experience changes in weight. If you have noticed your profile in the mirror recently, thinking perhaps it doesn’t quite match the graceful movie-star quality you’d prefer, know that you have options to improve your overall look.

At Peninsula Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Mark Kanter has helped men and women in the Hampton Roads area refine their neck and under-chin shapes with effective neck lift and liposuction procedures. Patients come out with skin that appears tighter and firmer, and profiles with more inward curve at the neck.

Depending on your needs and desired look, a liposuction procedure that removes unwanted fat from your neckline and/or a lift that removes excess skin to create a firmer appearance (this is also called a platysmaplasty) can help you start off a wonderful 2019. Consider the benefits of a neck cosmetic procedure:

No more turtlenecks! A turtleneck is only a fashion statement if you feel you have nothing to hide. If you’ve chosen high-necked shirts and sweaters over spaghetti straps and v-necks because of that double chin, consider calling us for a consultation.

Wear the jewelry. Beautiful chokers and dazzling pendants draw the eye to one’s neck, so we can understand if you skip the jewelry to avoid bringing attention to sags and wrinkles. A neck procedure could help give you incentive to dress up.

Complete the “new you.” Did you recently meet a weight loss goal? You’ll love the renewed energy, but not so much the excess skin that sags in places. If your face has a jowled appearance due to weight loss or age, consult with our practice about a neck lift procedure.

You can contact our Virginia cosmetic surgery practice by phone at 757-827-8486 or contact us online with your questions about our neck and facial plastic surgery options. Let 2019 be the year you achieve a fresh new look.