We all have the option to grow old gracefully. Looking in the mirror, however, can challenge a positive outlook. We may spot flaws in our skin, and sometimes we see our skin in places where it wasn’t before. Regardless of age and body shape, sagging happens, but there is a way to remedy it.

Why does the skin on our upper arms droop? What causes that pouch look in the abdomen area? Weight loss is one possibility. Some people who drop a significant number of pounds may find that their skin doesn’t automatically become taut. Compare it to an old pair of shorts – over time the waistband stretches out to the point it loses elasticity, and the shorts are too loose to wear. 

Skin is like that. As our bodies change, so does the outermost layer. Losing weight can result in sagging, as does aging in general. Skin loses collagen as we get older and it doesn’t replenish on its own. One solution to help restore the skin on our arms, thighs, and neck is laser liposuction.

At Peninsula Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Kanter utilizes SMARTLIPO to treat patients who want younger, tighter-looking skin. During this specialized procedure, Dr. Kanter creates small puncture wounds in the target areas and points the laser energy at the problem fat cells, which are then destroyed. The heat released treats the undersurface of the skin, helping it become smoother.

Unlike other laser treatments, SMARTLIPO does not require general anesthesia, and patients may experience shorter recovery. We offer detailed information on this liposuction procedure on our website, and you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Kanter to determine if SMARTLIPO is right for you.

Spring is right around the corner. Soon sleeveless shirts and low-necked blouses will come back into style. Be ready for warmer weather with a youthful, healthy appearance. Contact Peninsula Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery today.