cosmetic surgery for menThere’s a common misconception that only women are interested in plastic surgery, but that’s far from true. More and more, men are opting for cosmetic procedures, the reason being that they want to correct areas that can’t be fixed through regular diet and exercise.

Here are some types of cosmetic surgeries that men have considered and undergone, all of which are available to you through our Hampton Roads clinic.


Gynecomastia is a condition where male breast tissue swells due to reduced male hormones. This can occur because of aging, medication, and health conditions that may affect hormones. If you’re dealing with swelling breast tissue, then this procedure will remove the excess fat and tissue in the breast area, giving you a flatter and firmer chest.


Aging is inevitable and the way it affects the body is nothing less than frustrating. When diet and exercise aren’t enough to get rid of stubborn fat, then liposuction might be your best bet. Liposuction can help to reshape and slim your body to give you a new, contoured look.


Rhinoplasty, also known as the nose job, is a procedure that can redefine the shape, size and general appearance of your nose. It’s usually performed on men and women who want to remove unwanted natural bumps or depressions on the nasal bridge, fix narrow nostrils, or adjust a nose that appears crooked or too big for the face.


Sometimes cosmetic surgery isn’t necessary to get the results you want. If you have fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet or frown lines, then botox is what you want to explore. Botox relaxes overactive muscles that are causing your problem areas, making your skin look smoother and younger. It usually lasts between four to six months.

Dr. Kanter of Peninsula Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery has helped men and women in the Hampton Roads area look and feel better about themselves. Men, especially, should feel comfortable speaking to a Virginia plastic surgeon about available procedures designed to correct problem areas and help reclaim a youthful appearance. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and we’ll show you the possibilities.