Reports of a rise in cosmetic surgery among people over 50 have made recent headlines. The lifestyle site Considerable has even listed the more popular procedures for this age group, many of which are available from Dr. Kanter and Peninsula Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery. While adults of any age may seek consultation regarding anything from facial treatments to breast and tummy modifications, plastic surgery can provide benefits to those in or past middle age.

Why are more people considering cosmetic procedures later in life? 

It’s time for work. Whether by choice or necessity, more mature people are not retiring as young as they have in decades past. For those with client-facing jobs, or people interviewing for new careers, it’s important to maintain a professional and energetic appearance. Treatments designed to smooth away wrinkles and give the face a fresher look can help not only boost confidence during the job search but contribute to improved performance in the workplace.

Swipe right. Dating apps and social media have changed how people looking for relationships meet. The divorce rate among the Boomer generation has risen in the last 20 years as well, signaling an influx of older people seeking companionship. A cosmetic procedure designed to improve one’s shape, smile, or overall look can provide the self-confidence to jump back into the dating game.

For good health. People over 50 are working longer because they’re living longer. Advancements in medicine and diet may keep us active through our 80s and 90s, but sometimes you may need help. Mature adults who experience vision problems due to drooping eyelids may opt for a blepharoplasty to correct eyesight. Women may also seek a consultation on breast reductions to help with back pain, or breast reconstruction following a mastectomy.

Whatever the reason for your cosmetic procedure, Dr. Kanter is here to provide you with professional care and excellent results. Contact our Hampton Roads office today to schedule a consultation and begin the journey to a new, amazing you.