Are you drinking enough water? You may be tired of hearing this question after years of gentle nagging from parents, loved ones and health experts. Nonetheless, meeting your daily recommended water intake is the key to many aspects of your well-being. If you’re considering or planning a cosmetic procedure in the near future, especially during the summer, proper hydration can help you through every step.

Eight Glasses A Day?

How much water should you drink each day? Many use the eight glasses (approximately 64 ounces) as a guideline, but some people may need more to get the full benefit. According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, adult women should take in 11.5 cups (92 ounces), while men should intake 15.5 cups (124). These numbers reflect not just glasses of water, but other beverages like tea and the water in foods, like fruits and vegetables. 

Drink More, Feel Better

Good hydration helps clear your body of toxins, refreshes your skin, and boosts your energy. Whether you plan a facial treatment like rhinoplasty or facelift, or liposuction or a breast modification, drinking plenty of water after your procedure can help you recover. Be mindful, though, not to drink too much. Overhydration may put you at risk for bloating and low sodium levels. 

A good measure for checking your hydration level is to check your urine. Dark yellow means you’re not drinking enough, while very pale yellow indicates you are good.

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