As we age, changes can become more evident in our faces and necks. Skin on the jawline and chin may sag, and weight fluctuation may show in the neck. Jowls become more prominent and make you appear older than your actual years. It can discourage you from wearing certain clothes that draw attention to these areas.

If you long for a youthful appearance that highlights a smoother face and graceful neck, consider a unique procedure designed to sculpt these parts of the body. Sidelaze requires no general anesthesia and only minimally invasive incisions in the target areas. It is an outpatient procedure and takes only a short amount of time to complete.

Sidelaze targets problem areas in the lower face and neck. Also called “laser liposuction,” it differs from the liposuction performed on the belly and thighs in that it removes most of the fat and directly treats the undersurface of the neck skin. Here, the fat is broken down with the lasers and eventually removed naturally through the lymphatic system.

Sidelaze helps to redefine a person’s jaw and neckline for better contours, and the laser procedure also works to tighten the skin for a youthful appearance. This specialized facial treatment can help improve your appearance for work-related video calls as well as encourage
wider and lower necklines when you go out this summer.

Be aware, too, that the effects of the treatment will not be immediately apparent. Depending on the patient, results will show within several weeks or a few months.

To learn more about Sidelaze and to determine if this is the right procedure to contour your jaw and necklines, contact Dr. Kanter for a consultation.