Recent media hype about reality TV star Heidi Montag’s multiple cosmetic surgeries has garnered awareness of a procedure called “back scooping.” This particular operation, while gaining attention in news wires, is actually not a new innovation. For years, plastic surgeons have assisted clients looking to sculpt their bodies following weight loss or pregnancy with changing the contours on their backside. While one might think work on the posterior, or a “butt lift,” is all you need, back scooping also eliminates fat deposits in unsightly places.

If you’ve ever looked in a mirror and turned to see how you appear in the other direction, you might notice sags and “love handles” as well as bulged around the bra area that hang over especially tight straps. Back scooping works to erase and better shape the back so you have a slender look all around. Liposuction isn’t necessarily for the front of the body – when you go out, people see all of you. The procedure for back scooping may be done alone or in conjunction with another procedure, and generally takes two weeks to recover.

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